OKLAHOMA ATTACK BASKETBALL                                                                    OKLAHOMA CITY/EDMOND 

Oklahoma's Premier Basketball Program



Oklahoma Attack 2015
TJ Brown, Blake Shelton, Logan O'Neal, Braden Bayless, Deion Mukes, Isaac Leggins
Jared Hart, Jake Kerr, Dupree Millhouse, Jeremiah Gibson, Keion Bateast, Tu Godwin
Coach Robert Gibson

Oklahoma ATTACK Basketball is a 501-c3, non-profit organization that works with high school athletes.  Our goal is to provide them with the opportunity to develop their basketball skill while showcasing their abilities in the summer on a larger platform.  We provide excellent role models and encouraging environments.  We stress team play and hard work.  We are preparing our athletes to play basketball at the college level, and most importantly to develop into great men! 

Oklahoma ATTACK (High School) is a fully sponsored team.  
We are sponsored by many local businesses in Edmond and Oklahoma City.  
(see sponsors) 
Giving back to the youth of Oklahoma - helping them excel at the NEXT Level!

Oklahoma Attack is "One Team" with "One Purpose".  We exist for the players!  It's all about the kids 
with our program.

"One man can be a crucial ingredient on a team, but one man cannot make a team."
 --Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 

We are looking for H.S. boys that are highly skilled but not necessarily "super stars".  We want players that are unselfish and are willing to play the "team" concept. 

2014 Oklahoma Attack Team
At Kingwood Classic in Houston, April 2014

Jeremiah Gibson (24), Eric Booker (4), Vaughn Raney (1) James Bagwell (7) 
Johntae Upchurch (8), Gage Kroll (25), Hunter Miles (35), Michael Turay (11),
Hunter Frisby (32).    Not shown Jed Warren (3)
Head Coach:  Robert Gibson, Assistant Coach: Larry Jenkins

Mother's Day Mayhem Champions - May 11, 2014

Congratulations on winning the OKC PRIMETIME Tournament
May 4th, 2014



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